Your Investment 

So you are here. The MOST IMPORTANT part of it all, right?

Let me tell you, I offer sessions and times that are just right for anyone. 

How my sessions work, you ask? I love telling you this part.

So, I'm not your ordinary photographer. I love to be silly, fun, corky and quite literally jump around and run around everywhere in order to get your children to laugh, smile and have fun. Who wants to sit around for 30 minutes strict and not have any real smiles? I know I don't. 

We play games, dad twirls mom, maybe mom does the pretzel dance with big brother and fits in a tickle with little sister..

the rest... is well history. 

The best compliment is when dad leaves the session, gets in the car with his family & leans over and says, "okay, that was actually fun or wasn't so bad". 

(insert me doing the happy dance)

I offer mini sessions at certain times of the year. You can only book mini sessions during a mini and receive the price of a mini session during said mini session. Mini session prices aren't available for regular sessions.

Micro Mini Session--

This is FANTASTIC if you have child(ren) that don't want to sit long or don't have a long attention span.

20 minutes


15 images with online gallery download

option to purchase more images from gallery available 

30 minute sessions --


You receive online gallery with download of your digitals.

gallery contains 35 images with option to purchase more.

1 hour sessions


gallery will contain 50 images with option to purchase more.

complete download of your images from online gallery

Infinite shooting --

This is great if you want no time limit and for me to follow you and your family around to get great shots. 

This is great if you need more time to loosen up, or maybe the kids need a few more minutes to get used to having this crazy lady photographer in their cute little faces telling them to smile (insert the laughing emoji). I pretty much shoot until I feel like we have an entire gallery that I am in love with. 

Online gallery with download of your digital images from session

75+ images


For any other sessions you may have questions on, please head over to the contact me tab and shoot me an email <3

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I offer a private VIP Facebook group, be sure to join it to see upcoming specials/minis.

> Sessions with Blueberries + Burlap <


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